Stewardship is frequently perceived as cash gifts made from one’s income. While this type of giving is important and necessary, the truest measure of our stewardship may be the gift we make of our lives and the fruits of our labor. This legacy begins with our hearts and minds, weaves through our lives, our time and our possessions, and culminates in our finalized estate plans. Planned giving, also known as “deferred giving” or “charitable estate giving”, is an important way that we, as Catholics, can provide for our loved ones while also remembering the needs of a parish, a beloved Catholic school, or one of the life-changing ministries of our diocese.  

The most popular way to leave a legacy is through a bequest in a will. This is not as costly or difficult as it may seem, and your own attorney can accomplish it for you at very reasonable cost. Should you choose to remember your parish or a ministry of the diocese in this way, we have standardized bequest language that you can provide to your attorney. 

A bequest is only one way to plan for the future. Charitable gift annuities and life insurance are two additional options that not only offer lasting support for the work of the Church, but may also provide you and your loved ones with significant tax and/ or income benefits as well.


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Your Will

A bequest is the easiest way to make a truly life-changing gift. One paragraph in your will is all it takes.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is an arrangement in which the Church agrees to make annual income payments to you or a loved one in exchange for a gift. It’s a great way to supplement retirement income and may provide favorable tax benefits as well.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies offer an easy and effective way for you to leave a legacy.  Simply name the Church as both the owner and beneficiary of a policy that you no longer need.

What to Support

Should you decide to remember the Church in your will or other estate plans, you have the flexibility to determine which ministries will receive your gift and for what purpose.  First and foremost we encourage you to provide for your family and your parish.  We hope you will then choose to include a gift that benefits one of our diocesan ministries, such as Catholic Charities of Central Florida, seminarian education, or the care of our retired priests.

Click here to view some of the diocesan ministries that you are able to support through a planned gift.

You can also include one of our endowment funds in your planned gift. With an endowment, the original gift is invested and a portion of the earnings will be distributed annually to the ministry that you have chosen to support.  In this way, your legacy can bear everlasting fruit.

Want to Learn More?

Please click on one of the links above to learn more about a specific giving option. We also invite you to explore our Legacy Planning Resources site. There you will find a broad selection of stories, articles, and downloadable brochures on a variety of planned giving instruments.

We encourage you to sign up forour quarterly planned giving e-newsletter, Family & Faith, which includes timely tips and articles on charitable gift annuities and other planned giving instruments.

What if I don’t have an attorney?

Please feel free to email us a and we can provide you with a list of recommended attorneys in your area.

The Vivos Christi Society

Vivos Christi Society


Once you have notified us about your intended bequest, or other planned gift, you will join our members in the Vivos Christ Society.

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