For the better part of 14 years, we have seen how our spiritual family is supportive and loving just as Christ is with each of us. As a faith community, we have united our time, talent and treasure for the glory of our Lord. This generosity provides a tremendous opportunity for us to serve our community in a meaningful way. As our founding families embraced the trials of starting a new parish, we all to soon realized that we, all of us, are the church, even without an actual building. In order to support our continued growth and secure our permanent home for the future of our parish, we must embark upon a capital campaign. Together, we will be “Making our Way Home” as we are finally able to build a permanent structure on our property. We are thankful for your selfless dedication and stewardship to our parish community over these past 14 years. Without it, we would most certainly not be able to proceed. By supporting the capital campaign, you will contribute in a meaningful way to the future of that church, thus leaving a legacy that will serve time and eternity.

“Go in peace! The journey you are making is under the eye of the Lord.” – Judges 18:6

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