Understanding the relationship between financial literacy and asset levels is a basis for us to be prepared in retirement so that we can take care of ourselves, our loved ones and the causes on our hearts. Older Americans only scored 31% on the 2023 Retirement Income Literacy Study from the American College of Financial Services.

With increased longevity, a decrease of pension plans and retirement saving being voluntary there is an increased interest in retirement planning to determine a guaranteed income stream for retirement portfolios.  The necessities include a basic understanding about investing, taxes, insurance and finances. Increasing knowledge is required to properly prepare for retirement.

The study found that advisors play an ‘essential role’ in helping clients be prepared. Participants with ongoing advisory relationships scored 11 percent higher in the study than those without advisors.

2023 PGAC Meeting Bishop Moore Center 4

The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida offers a Planned Giving Advisory Council (PGAC) comprised of active and talented Catholic estate planning attorneys, wealth and financial advisors, tax accountants and life insurance professionals. The goal with our PGAC is to support our community in gaining knowledge about their retirement including planning for the charitable giving to make the impact you want to have and create your legacy while also caring for yourself and your loved ones. To learn more about our PGAC visit https://cfocf.org/advisorycouncil/

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