Thank you to our outgoing board members

We offer our deep gratitude to the outgoing board members who have contributed so much to the Foundation: Father John Giel and Father Richard Trout. Both joined The Catholic Foundation board in May 2019 and have served a full three-year term and an additional six months. Father John Giel, pastor of St Stephen Catholic Church and Vicar General of the Diocese of Orlando, and Father Richard Trout, pastor of Corpus Christi Catholic Church and Vicar for Priestly Life and Ministry, also serve on the Diocesan Finance Council. Their deep experience in the diocese and parishes helped The Catholic Foundation board understand how they can best serve the community. We are grateful for their experience, vision, hard work and dedication in guiding The Catholic Foundation strategically. We sincerely appreciate your leadership and we wish you abundant blessings!

The Catholic Foundation Board of Directors is a diverse group of God’s people including laity, clergy and religious representing the geographic territory of the diocese and a myriad of professions and personal talents. Father Giel and Father Trout were the first clergy to join the board without the designation of spiritual director. The role of spiritual director is currently held by Father Ivan Olmo. Prior to Father Ivan, then Father Stephen Parkes, now Bishop Stephen Parkes held the role of our spiritual director.

The diversity of the board members is critical to ensure that The Catholic Foundation has representation of the population which we serve. Currently, the role of clergy on the board of directors is being analyzed and a new strategy of how clergy will serve will be launched in 2023.

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