The Concord Advisory Group, Ltd: May Market Highlights

The Foundation utilizes Concord Advisory Group as our trusted partner for investment management services. The Foundation’s investment programs serve organizations to provide annual income and financial wellness as well as individual donors to meet their philanthropic aspirations and legacy goals.

Concord is an Investment Advisory Group with a strong focus in religious-based non-for-profit services providing strategic advice to staff, investment committee and board members to improve the results of our investment services.

The Foundation’s investment services include endowment funds, Donor Advised Funds (DAFs), and two time-horizon based reserve funds each with their own targeted performance strategy. Concord has more than 30 years of experience assisting partners manage the balance between spending policy and corpus growth while navigating the challenging factors of SRI investing. 

Concord consistently monitors market trends and evaluates selected market manager performance for each of our time-horizon based portfolio solutions and rebalances annually to achieve established target returns for each portfolio.

Our partnership with Concord allows us to include best-in-class market managers in the Foundation’s portfolios and consistently screen them for Catholic values, achieving a current portfolio rating of 99.5% compliance with USCCB guidelines.

The Concord Advisory Group, Ltd
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