An Easter Reflection from our Board Member & Spiritual Advisor: Very Rev. Ivan Olmo, V. F.

Very Rev. Ivan Olmo, V. F. Image

“The Son of Man must be handed over to sinners and be crucified, and rise on the third day.” (Luke 24:7)

Easter reminds us of the patient longing of our Heavenly Father and his deep desire for Holy Communion with his precious creation. When Jesus entered Jerusalem, he willingly entered into his Passion so that the Father may more fully enter into our hearts and lives once again. Lent and Holy Week invite us to enter more deeply into the sorrow of Christ’s obedient, suffering love and the joy of his saving, redemptive grace that have gain for us our salvation. In fasting, we learn to hunger for God alone by fasting from bodily desires, impure thoughts, and worldly pleasures.  In almsgiving, we learn to take up our cross and to help others carry theirs. In prayer, we learn to dedicate more time to being still and quiet in silence with God. The Holy Season reminds us that we cannot merely meditate on the Lord’s Passion, but we must experience it, participate in it and more fully enter into the intimate love and loving relationship the Father has offered us and the salvation Christ has won for us. This should be the deepest longing of our heart. We pray with profound gratitude and expectant joy that we may enter ever more fully into the Mystery of Christ’s Passion and Death that we can more confidently celebrate and participate his joyous and glorious Resurrection in our hearts and throughout our lives.

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