Event Sponsorship Grants

These grants are intended to support organizations as they spread the good news of their ministry and raise the funds, they need to continue their impactful work serving our Central Florida community, while also building relationships throughout the Diocese of Orlando. Our goal is to support parishes, schools, and ministries throughout the six deaneries of the Diocese of Orlando.

We have two event sponsorship granting seasons: Fall and Spring. The Fall Season is restricted to events occurring between September-January. The Spring Season is restricted to events occurring between February-August. These grants are funded through The Catholic Foundation Endowment Fund. Due to market volatility over the last year, this year’s grant dollars are very limited.

Applicants should complete the entire form and attach any supporting documentation such as sponsorship levels, flyers, letters, etc. If we are able to sponsor, we will choose from the sponsorship levels provided. Please note that these grants are restricted to diocesan entities.

For other Catholic-compliant nonprofits serving the Central Florida community, please reach out to Madelyn Weed at (407) 246-7188 for other sponsorship opportunities that might be available.

Following successful completion of this form, The Catholic Foundation will review your application. Please note that past sponsorship does not guarantee future sponsorship.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Henrickson at (407) 246-7177.

The Spring Event Sponsorship Grant deadline has passed. No more applications will be accepted at this time.

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