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Our Offertory Enhancement Recovery and Restoration Initiative and Online Giving Campaign programs support deepening faith and stewardship to help parishes with their day to day expenses.  

“I am very pleased with the overall results of the ORRI+OGC [Offertory Recovery and Restoration Initiative and Online Giving Campaign programs] at St. Thomas Aquinas (St. Cloud) which was done with the assistance of The Catholic Foundation. Overall, there was an increase of 21% in the offertory and a 30% increase in the number of people giving online. This has led to an increase in our weekly collection. The [offertory programs] brought awareness to our community about the importance of stewardship and tithing. The [programs] shared the message that stewardship involves time, talent, and treasure and each one of us has the responsibility to build the kingdom of God” – Father Derek Saldanha, Pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas in St. Cloud.

Thank you to the generous parishioners of St. Thomas Aquinas for their stewardship response and helping in bringing their offertory a little closer to where it needs to be.

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