The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida is a group of interworking teams which come together to achieve success for parishes, schools and other Catholic entities throughout the Diocese of Orlando. Here Jannah Szeibert of our Community Services team discusses her work with The Foundation:

  • Describe how and why you came to The Foundation. 

My husband’s job relocated us to Florida from California. It took me a little time to find the right job when we got here, and I really wanted to work for a Catholic organization. I was incredibly happy when I was called in for an interview, and when I met the Community Services team, I knew I was in the right place. 

  • Describe the Community Services team’s focus and purpose. 

The Community Services team works with parishes, schools, and entities in our diocese to help improve their financial wellness and to meet their future needs with faith-filled stewardship.  

  • Describe your regular/weekly duties. 

I wear many hats in my position. I support the Community Services team with offertory and capital campaigns, and OCA (Our Catholic Appeal), as well as assist other teams at the Foundation with other various projects. I also help with many events that the Foundation hosts or is a part of, which includes being the “unofficial’ photographer. 

  • Describe one of your favorite, or most rewarding tasks. 

Every task and project, whether big or small, is an important piece of accomplishing the mission of The Foundation. I take pride and appreciate everything I can do to serve the Church, The Foundation and the community. 

  • What is a project you are currently working on? 

OCA: Recently our team held a webinar for parishes in the diocese to familiarize themselves with the logistics of Our Catholic Appeal. OCA is just one project many of us at The Foundation work on daily throughout the year.  

  • What do you enjoy most about working with The Foundation? 

I enjoy the fact that it makes it so easy to stay connected to God. Everything is faith-based, there is a Chapel right down the hall from our office, and the Cathedral is right next door. I can honestly say that working here has increased my faith. I also love the culture and how so much respect, praise, support, and trust exist between everyone at the Foundation. There is a beautiful team environment and camaraderie that makes it possible to accomplish remarkable. 

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