Invest with a Catholic Set of Mind

As stewards of God’s gift, Catholic investors are called to ensure that our money supports ethical and responsible companies.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has released guidelines for socially responsible investments.

These guidelines embody the Church’s teachings of human dignity, justice, peace and integrity of creation. They guide us towards investments that uphold these sacred values.

We at the Catholic Foundation of Central Florida are blessed to announce that, as of 2021, we manage over $75 million in investments, with less than 0.5% potentially not complying with the USCCB guidelines. We help steward God’s creation through our investment social screening, which includes protecting the environment.

As we continue to guide our investments by these standards, we invite all members of our community to join us in this mission.

The guidelines focus not only on avoiding harm but also on actively contributing to the common good.

“Ethical and socially responsible investing… requires us to evaluate specific investments in terms of how those companies or entities protect life, promote human dignity, act justly, enhance the common good, and provide care for the environment.”

USCCB, Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines for the USCCB.

Protecting Human Life and Promoting Human Dignity

A critical first step involves making sure that companies do not engage in acts that directly harm human life or dignity in any way.

Website revenue from stores like Shein, Wish, and Temu has reached an all-time high. But these companies offer cheap products due to the harsh labor conditions and low pay they impose on their employees.

Rather than supporting these sites, we encourage supporting vital organizations like the Catholic Relief Services Collection. These six organizations strive to uphold the dignity of every person and actively fight against these conditions. Their services include refugee settlement, international relief, policy advocacy and much more.

Act Justly and Enhance the Common Good

Moreover, is making sure the companies you are putting your money into are acting justly and actively enhancing the common good.

Being ethical means we should not only avoid bad actions, but actively work to do good especially for those who are less fortunate.

This calls us to donate and volunteer at organizations advocating for just labor laws, equitable housing, and sustenance for the needy, reflecting our commitment to social justice as taught by the Gospel.

These types of organizations are actively working for the poor to make their lives better. Your time or money can make a huge difference in furthering their efforts. 

Protecting Our Common Home

Ultimately, you want to make sure the companies you are aligning yourself with are doing their part in protecting our common home, Earth.

This involves supporting companies that not only refrain from harming people but are actively work to reduce their carbon footprint and protect ecosystems. 

It is important to remember that the guidelines are just that, they are meant to guide you in the right direction. But socially responsible investing may extend beyond that.

The basic principles of the guideline states “revenue should not be gained if it is gained by unjust means.”

USCCB, Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines for the USCCB.

Sometimes being a Catholic means investing in companies that are doing good not because you will gain money back, but because they are actively working for the betterment of society. 

Commitment to these principles demonstrates dedication to fostering an environment where both people and the planet can thrive.

Let us all reaffirm our commitment to these missions, ensuring that all investments reflect our deepest Catholic values.

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