Make a Significant Contribution on Earth Day and Beyond

Earth Day is a global celebration reminding us of our sacred duty to protect and nurture our common home as stewards of His creation. Today, let us discuss ways to live more ecologically conscious lives so we can better care for our planet. 

Find ways to carpool

Gas emission is a major contributor to air pollution. Fellowship is central to our faith, and uniting with other parishioners to carpool to Mass exemplifies our collective commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Although carpooling once a week may seem small, two people carpooling already cuts that gas emission in half. Four people carpooling cut those gas emissions by 75%. It may seem small, but it contributes to a weekly and yearly effort. 

Donate to organizations fighting against environmental issues

Numerous Catholic and faith-aligned organizations tirelessly combat climate challenges, and your donations can magnify their God-inspired efforts.

There are companies like the Catholic Climate Covenant who work with churches and individuals in educating them about environmental issues and give advice on how to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, other organizations like Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities have initiatives related to environmental alleviation and stability.

Researching and learning about these organizations can help you decide which one to give your money to according to your values, read more on “How To Invest With a Catholic Mind”.  

Learn to appreciate the Earth and incorporate it into your faith

Sometimes it is easy to take the beauty of His creation for granted. Especially the simplest things like the sunrise over the city, a squirrel running up a tree, or a butterfly hopping from flower to flower. 

Learn to appreciate the Earth and weave this into the fabric of your faith. Incorporate nature into prayers, liturgies, and spiritual reflections because becoming closer to nature can bring you closer to God. 

Earth Day serves as a reminder that we must take care of our common home, but this is a mission that extends far beyond a single day and must be embraced year-round. This Earth Day, let us step outside, breathe in the grace of our surroundings, and reflect on how we can continuously care for God’s magnificent creation.  

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