Planned Giving Resources for Parishes

Have you been asked by your parishioners how they can support your greatest parish need and not been exactly sure how to respond? Have your parishioners asked about a donor advised fund and how this fund can help them support your parish or school? Would you be interested in free services to save your parish staff time and expenses in processing estate gifts or maybe helping your parishioners establish an estate gift for your parish? Do you want to grow your contribution revenue beyond offertory?

Please join us for our Planned Giving Collaborative Webinar at 10:00am on December 7th where we will share how planned giving revenue can help you address your needs and bring joy to your donors. We would also like to learn from you what your needs are in serving your parishioners with planned giving.

Register online to join us and provide three of your greatest funding needs to be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card! Your voice is very important, and we want to hear from you! We are here to serve your needs, so please help us serve you better by participating in this collaborative webinar on planned giving.

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