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With great joy, I come to share with you all that we are embarking on a campaign to Renew the House of the Lord. In 1959, our parish was consecrated in honor of the Lord’s Ascension to be a house of prayer for the Lord and His people. However, after 36 years in our current Church, without any renovations, our house of prayer is in serious need of renewal. That is why we are embarking on this capital campaign to Renew the House of the Lord. It is my deepest hope and desire that this renewal will revitalize, reinvigorate, and sustain our parish for many years to come as we continue laboring to complete the work the Lord entrusted to us. 

Sincerely in Christ, 

Fr JB Maison Signature

Fr. John Bosco Maison 

Our Projects 

Phase I  

  • Install Fire Sprinkler System Throughout Church  
  • Renovate and Construct New Restrooms in the Church  

Phase II  

  • Replace Current Pews  
  • Construct Accessible Ramp into the Sanctuary  
  • Relocate Tabernacle to the Center of the Church  
  • Build New Immersion Baptismal Font in Narthex  
  • Incorporate New Statues of Mother Mary and St. Joseph Near the Altar/Sanctuary  
  • Move our Founding Crucifix to the Sanctuary Space  

Phase III 

  • Renovate Parish Hall Kitchen and Restrooms  
  • Renovate Ministry Building Restrooms  
  • Restore Tiles at Church Entrance  
  • Renovate Adoration Chapel

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