Theology On Tap : November

This Planned Giving Advisory Council comprises a group of Catholic, active and talented charitable gift and estate planning professionals dedicated to the mission and vision of The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida (CFOCF). The goal is to support our community in realizing their philanthropic impact through a network of estate and financial planning professionals. The CFOCF and the Advisory Council Members provide educational and networking opportunities to support Central Florida professionals with incorporating distinct services that will help their clients realize the philanthropic impact they have already accomplished through their giving and connect them to resources to further their philanthropic journey.

Theology On Tap: November

Theology on Tap provides the opportunity for our council members to gather together and deepen their faith while learning more about our community. Father Martin Nguyen, Father Ivan Olmo and Deacon Dave Camous attended the council event as panelists sharing their vocations and talents with canon law, financial services and technology services and how they incorporate this expertise into their roles as clergy. Chairman of the PGAC, Rob Thomson, facilitated the panel’s discussion.

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