By Janet Caramello, Director of Philanthropic Engagement and Planned Giving

Janet offers the following tips for board members at faith-based organizations:

1. Make a generous gift to your parish or organization in order to achieve 100% Board giving.
It’s always easier to invite others to donate to your parish or school if you can share that 100% of the Board supports it by financially donating to its programs.

2. Help thank donors and share with them the impact of their gifts!
Show stewardship by thanking the donor and sharing the difference that their donation makes.

Thank You

3. Help connect supporters/donors who are interested in the mission, programs or projects.
Identify those who have an interest in supporting your programs and introduce them to the leadership staff.

4. Attend events and bring your friends who could be potential supporters.
Make a list of events and match the events with your friends’ interest. Then invite and share!

5. Be an Ambassador!
Think about why you support the organization and share it with others – creating a three-minute “case for support.” Others will be touched, moved, and inspired to hear your experiences, and what it has meant to you.

Janet Caramello


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