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The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida is honored to be the selected vendor to assist the Diocese of Orlando with preparing the materials, serving donors, and redeeming charitable gifts supporting Our Catholic Appeal (OCA). OCA is an annual opportunity for every member of our faith family to support the life-changing work and ministries of the Diocese of Orlando. Gifts to Our Catholic Appeal fund a variety of ministries that serve our nine counties in ways that no parish could alone. Annual gifts to Our Catholic Appeal provide essential funding to ministries that benefit every Catholic parish, school and family in Central Florida. This funding provides critical support for our seminarians and retired priests, tuition assistance, health and housing care to people in need, faith programs for children, families and adults, assistance for migrant workers and the disabled, and outreach programs such as Catholic Charities of Central Florida.

Our Catholic Appeal Videos

A message from Bishop John Noonan about Our Catholic Appeal 2024, which supports every parish, ministry, school and entity in the Diocese of Orlando.

Our Catholic Appeal 2024 Video (English)
Nuestro Llamado Católico 2024 – (Español)
What is Our Catholic Appeal? (41 seconds)
Why should I give to Our Catholic Appeal? (34 seconds)
How does my parish benefit from Our Catholic Appeal? (45 seconds)
How can I get involved with Our Catholic Appeal? (43 seconds)
¿Que es Nuestro Llamado Católico?
Nuestro Llamado Católico: ¿Por que debo donar?
Nuestro Llamado Católico: ¿Como se beneficia mi parroquia?
Nuestro Llamado Católico: ¿Como me puedo involucrar?

Our Catholic Appeal Brochures

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OCA Brochure WEB English Cover
Brochure: Our Catholic Appeal 2024 (English)
OCA Brochure WEB Spanish Cover
Spanish Brochure: Nuestro Llamado Católico 2024 Folleto (Español)
Diocese of Orlando English
2024 OCA Diocesan Bulletin (English)
Diocese of Orlando Español
2024 OCA Diocesan Bulletin (Spanish)
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