Donor Advised Funds

Flexible. Simple. Charitable.

Are you looking for a flexible, simple tool that allows you to manage and maximize your giving to support the causes that matter most to you? Are you interested in simplifying your annual and lifetime charitable giving?  Would you like to make a single gift to support multiple charities? Would you enjoy knowing that your gift will grow tax-free while being invested in a socially responsible way in accordance with Catholic values?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) could be the perfect charitable tool for you and your family!

Join other Central Floridians in discovering why DAFs are philanthropy’s fastest growing vehicle for donations. We invite you to watch this video and learn how The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida’s DAF Program provides a unique opportunity to grow and give your charitable dollars in accordance with your Catholic values.

Your Charitable Giving Fund

A DAF is like having your own foundation (without the hassle and administrative fees!). The fund is invested for growth, which permits you, as the advisor, to make gifts of income and principal to multiple Catholic or public organizations while you are alive. You can also name successors so your family can continue your legacy of philanthropy for as long as the fund exists.

Donor Advised Funds with The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida can be set up with a minimum donation of $5,000. The fund will remain open as long as there is balance of $1 and you and your family can add to the fund at any time with gifts of cash or appreciated assets (stock, real estate, non-inventory corporate assets, etc.).

If you are interested in learning more about starting your own Donor Advised Fund, start by contacting us to discuss your philanthropic or legacy planning goals. We will work directly with you and your financial advisor(s) to customize a plan that will help you make a significant impact on the ministry close to your heart (and provide significant tax advantages.) Once you complete and sign your Fund Agreement, you will have access to a 24/7 Fundholder Portal through which you can keep track of your Donor Advised Fund and distributions made from it. 

Donor Advised Funds are the fastest-growing tool in philanthropy and perfect for donors like you!

· A Donor Advised Fund safeguards and grows your philanthropy each year with little effort on your part – you don’t even need to reach for a wallet.

· You have control over when and where your charitable giving is designated. It’s a great option, especially when you give to multiple parishes, appeals, or charities each year! We vet all grantee organizations to ensure they operate in a Catholic-Compliant manner and provide you with a list of more than 250 pre-approved Catholic and Catholic-compliant charities!

· Our DAF fundholders benefit from our unique Catholic-compliant investment services. Our portfolios are 99.4% compliant with USCCB guidelines.


  1. Fill out the Donor Advised Fund Application Form and review the DAF Terms & Conditions.
  2. Submit to The Catholic Foundation (P.O. Box 4905, Orlando, FL 32802-4905 or scan and email to Madelyn Weed). We will review and provide you with a Donor Advised Fund Agreement to sign and return with your initial donation.
  3. The initial donation can be made via appreciated stock, check, credit card or even through a grant from another donor advised or charitable fund! (There are a number of other assets which can be used to start your donor advised fund, contact our office for more details.)
  4. Once approved and the initial deposit is received, your fund will be opened and ready for granting. After one month, the 10% matching dollars will be deposited into your account.
  5. We will send you a DAF Welcome Kit with information on how to use your 24/7 online donor portal!

Contact Us

Individuals looking to establish a new fund or build an existing fund please contact:

Madelyn Weed photo

Madelyn Weed, CFRE, CAP®
Vice President, Chief Donor Services Officer
Email | (407) 246-7188

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