Getting to Know:

Lori Tolland

(Board of Directors Member)

Why did you want to serve on The Catholic Foundation board of directors? 

 After prayerful discernment, I felt that working with The Catholic Foundation would be a significant way to serve and be a steward of my faith.  I find joy, while inspiring others to increase giving to fund God’s work and impact lives.

You serve on the Executive Committee and as Chairman of the Development Committee – how are you able to serve in these roles in a unique way and what are your goals in these roles?

Each director brings their own special talent and gifts to the table.  I believe my experience with fundraising efforts in the past and understanding of the need to build relationships with the community and those we serve is critical to “develop” additional funds for the mission of the Foundation.  Raising money is important, and so is raising the relationship for future generations.  The executive board will provide the opportunity to help guide and execute the strategic plan developed Fall 2021.  The Development Committee Chair serves as a conduit between the board of directors and staff in all matters related to ethically bringing funds into the Foundation for the benefit of our diocese and faith family.

What do you enjoy most about the culture of The Catholic Foundation?

I absolutely love breaking bread with other members and staff and feeling overwhelmed with community, love and Jesus.   To come together and share the same love of our Lord and then discuss how we can serve Him by serving others makes my heart jump with joy!

 Do you have a favorite project or task that you’ve enjoyed most as a board member?

My favorite activity of the Foundation is our annual retreat.  I enjoy the fellowship, celebrating Mass together, the work that is done on behalf of the Foundation and the spiritual fulfillment.

 What advice do you have for those interested in working with The Catholic Foundation?

I would strongly advise saying YES if asked to work with the Foundation.  It is rewarding and meaningful work. Staff is accommodating, works hard, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.

Which of our organizational values do you connect with most? (faith-filled passion, collaboration, stewardship, transparency, servant leadership, impact)

Faith-filled passion and, servant leadership

What three words to you think best describe The Catholic Foundation?

Impactful, champion of others, collaborative with the Bishop and the diocesan partners.

 What’s a fun fact most people don’t know about you?

I have filed to run as city Commissioner Zone 1 in Ormond Beach although.  I have never run for public office in the past.  I have enjoyed living in our quaint town for over 30 years and have already served on the planning board ( 6 years)  and recreational advisory board  20+ years.)  to make recommendations to the Commission.  I am excited for this journey.

What impact do you wish to make with your charitable giving? 

I believe supporting our pastors, and their parishes is imperative.   They are the key to many other Catholics and know the needs of their people.  Understanding the needs of the individual priest and parishes help everyone make a huge impact.

 Please share a little about your personal life.

 I have seven kids, five are married, and two are unmarried.  I also have, 15 grandkids with the oldest being 7 years old.



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