Board Meeting February

The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida Board of Directors held its first meeting of 2023 on February 21st. Highlights of the meeting include the addition of two new board members, Andrew Orosz, and Wendy Mara. We’ll share details on these new members in our next newsletter. There are also new committee chair appointments on the Foundation board: Robert Kryger is the new chair of the Investment Committee; Karen Monteleone is the new chair of the Governance Committee. Randall Scott is the new chair of the Audit and Finance Committee and Lori Tolland is continuing in her role leading the Development Committee.

In addition, there are new deans on the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Fathers Ralph Duwell, Richard Trout, Tim LaBo, Matthew Mello, and Scott Circe bring to the Foundation board further spiritual direction and, for the first time, clergy representation from every deanery in the diocese. New Foundation Vice President and CFO Nia Herald was welcomed to her first board meeting. And the board voted and approved a new member of the Planned Giving Advisory Council, Colleen M. Duris. Our heartfelt and continued thanks to all the members of our Board of Directors, partners, and associates who do the important administrative work overseeing The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida.

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