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Orlando, FL – In partnership with generous donors, The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida distributed a record of nearly $1.5 million to improve the lives of vulnerable children, families and adults throughout the region. The distributions supported Catholic, non-Catholic and secular residents of Central Florida with help in key areas including health, housing, food and education assistance.

The fiscal 2017 distribution marks the culmination of success for Catholic Foundation-managed investment endowments that have been built in partnership with generous donors and pastors since the Foundation established the endowments six years ago. The Catholic Foundation manages 117 endowments valued at more than $50 million. The Foundation works with donors and local parishes to establish endowments designed to generate investment income for parishes, local community needs and donor intentions in perpetuity.

The Foundation’s endowment services allow its leadership to respond quickly to emergencies. In October 2017, the Foundation’s board of directors authorized an emergency distribution of $120,000 for tuition assistance and school support so students displaced by Hurricane Maria could attend nine diocesan Catholic schools. This was in addition to the $480,000 tuition-assistance distribution budgeted for the year. The Diocese of Orlando Catholic Schools educate religious and secular students throughout Central Florida.

To further assist displaced hurricane victims, the Foundation’s board of directors last year authorized almost $67,000 for Catholic Charities of Central Florida to provide housing and food assistance. This was in addition to the scheduled $135,000 in distributions to Catholic Charities services for the local poor including food, health, adoption and housing assistance.

“We are exploring opportunities to further leverage community partnerships and determine the best strategies to serve the growing needs of the Diocese of Orlando and Central Florida,” says Kimberlee Riley, the Foundation’s president.


The Catholic Foundation inspires giving to fund God’s work throughout the Diocese of Orlando’s nine-county area. Since its founding in 2008, the independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation has partnered with generous donors and pastors to collectively raise more than $438 million. We help individuals and organizations engage in philanthropy in a faith-filled way through socially screened endowment options. This has provided parishes, schools and Diocesan entities the ability to offer faith formation experiences for children and adults, and necessary renovations and expansions of churches and community centers. These resources foster Catholic School education, prepare seminarians for the priesthood and support retired priests. Additionally, these funds support health, housing and food assistance in the nine counties of the Diocese of Orlando.

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