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Orlando, FL – April 27, 2021

The Catholic Foundation of Central Florida and F4 Wealth Advisors are co-hosting a milestone educational partnership that joins nonprofits and businesses to promote philanthropy throughout Central Florida. They are creating a study group that will provide networking support and education for local professionals to successfully complete the graduate-level courses for the Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® (CAP®) designation.

The Central Florida CAP® Study Group will engage multi-sector, client-facing advisors including local wealth managers, estate attorneys, private bankers, insurance advisors, certified public accountants and nonprofit executives throughout Central Florida’s broad business community to create a holistic network that can help clients achieve their philanthropic aspirations and establish their charitable legacies. The study group will provide professionals from a range of disciplines with a forum to discuss ideas, experiences and coursework focused on improving philanthropy in our Central Florida community for generations to come. Study sessions will enhance learning specifically about our region and our donors with an exchange of ideas and opportunities to meet donors and leaders in the field of philanthropy.

“There are many voices in different sectors in our local philanthropic ecosystem and we are investing in bringing these voices together to more effectively and collaboratively advise how individuals and families can achieve their charitable aspirations and increase their impact in our community through philanthropy,” said Catholic Foundation President & CEO, Kimberlee Riley, CAP®.

“I’m proud to help further elevate philanthropy in Central Florida,” said Darrell DeVaney?, CFP®, Founding Partner at F4 Wealth Advisors. “This will have a broad-reaching impact for generations. The professionals participating will finish with an elite designation with the CAP®, and therefore the donors they advise will become more educated and engaged, and the ultimate beneficiary of course will be all of the great nonprofits in Central Florida.”

The CAP® program’s success is in part due to students in cities like Omaha, Dallas, and West Palm Beach who have engaged with CAP® study groups, learning together across their disciplines. CAP® advisors who have participated in study groups have facilitated larger charitable gifts that have helped to address urgent community needs in their respective regions.

The CAP® designation is offered by the Richard D. Irwin Graduate School of The American College of Financial Services (ACFS). The ACFS is the nation’s largest nonprofit educational institution devoted to financial services holding the highest level of academic accreditation and its faculty represents some of the foremost thought leaders in their profession.

Candidates for the CAP® designation must complete a minimum of three graduate-level courses in philanthropic studies at the Richard D. Irwin Graduate School and six hours of rigorous, supervised written examinations. The curriculum addresses the advanced design, implementation and management of charitable gift techniques and strategies, as well as philanthropic tools. An elite 2,300 individuals have been awarded the CAP® designation since its inception in 2003.

Locally, the Central Florida CAP® Study Group will meet 10 times via zoom and hybrid meetings over a nine-month period with sessions lasting 90 minutes. Participants will be selected based on their expertise and the experiences they bring to the group. The inaugural Central Florida CAP® Study Group is forming and will begin in August. The group’s motto is “Doing More Together For Our Community Through Philanthropy.”

The Catholic Foundation inspires and increases giving to fund God’s work and impact lives throughout the Diocese of Orlando’s nine-county area. Established in 2008, The Catholic Foundation is an independent, nonprofit foundation that has worked with donors and pastors to address needs in our Central Florida community. Its assets of more than $75 million in investments are managed for growth and to respect Catholic social teaching. We help individuals and organizations engage in philanthropy in a faith-filled way through socially screened investment options. Through our donors’ generosity The Catholic Foundation has distributed $2 million annually to support the parishes in the Diocese of Orlando and education, access to food and affordable housing in our broader community. As a proven trustworthy philanthropic organization to give to and give through, we have received the GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency.

F4 Wealth Advisors is an independent wealth management and investment consulting firm founded by financial professionals who understand the challenges that wealth creates. We provide thoughtful planning, investment advice and education. Our team offers a high level of service where advice is customized to reflect the unique circumstances of each individual, family or institution. Because our clients delegate their investment management and wealth planning to us, they find that their own lives are enriched by the freedom they have to pursue their own passions.


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